USA COAL in India

American Coal from PITT-8 Seam is one of the Highest GCV coal currently being imported into India. USA Coal of ANMOL Brand is one of the most trusted and used fuel in the industry. ANMOL INDIA LTD imports huge quantities of US Coal on both West Coast India (Mundra Port, Kanlda Port, Tuna Port etc) and East Coast India (Gangavaram: Vizag Port, Krishnapatnam Port etc).
In India, US Coal is used in various industries like Cement, Bricks, Steel, Textile Dyes etc. In recent years, India has become one of the most lucrative market for US Coal. In 2016, India imported almost 9% of total US Coal exports. To get more data on US Coal visit EIA at

US Coal : Alternative to Petroleum Coke

US Coal in recent years has emerged as an excellent substitute to pet coke. Although substituting pet coke in any production facility requires the consideration of various aspects, US Coal has been found to be most compatible than other fuels.

US Coal Specifications

Typical US Coal Specification on DB
GCV ~ 7700 KCal/Kg
Size 0-50mm
Fixed Carbon ~ 52pct

Sometimes sizing options may be available.

Things To Consider when choosing a US Coal supplier

  • Make Sure the coal has been dispatched from PORT only.
  • Some suppliers do not provide transport facility while others insist on using their own logistics. Choose a suppliers that provides both options of buyer hiring their own transport as well as supplier hiring transport on buyer's behalf.
  • Importers can provide better prices than traders
  • Some importers delay delivery due to DO issue process for every order. Choose importers with flexibility to decrease lead time.